Processor solutions that light up the embedded systems

“Akari” means “light” in Japanese. The flame of the highest temperature glows blue. We symbolize the passionate spirit of our engineers, and together with the rounded letters, express our desire to illuminate and embrace the embedded systems industry.


[ Akaria Overview ]

Akaria will develop products and services that leverage NSI’s semiconductor technologies – processors, software, and solutions – based on our four key strengths.

Akaria Processor Stabdard Processors: NS Family
Domain Specific Accelerator: DR Family
Akaria Solution MPC Solution
Security Solution: ReSA


[ Four strengths of Akaria ]

  • Flexible Processing (Flexible = Scalability + Versatility)
  • Power Efficiency
  • Realtime Computing
  • Functional Safety

We have been developing processor IP for automotive systems. Automotive systems have traditionally been largely controlled by mechanical and analog systems, but with the evolution of processors, the shift to electronic systems is rapidly advancing, leading to more complex and advanced applications such as automated driving and connected systems.

This trend is also true for embedded systems other than automobiles, where more complex applications such as Edge-AI, MPC (Model Predictive Control), and security are required.

In the past, embedded systems utilized a wide variety of microcontrollers and processors, and each product demonstrated its strengths through individual optimization, but as the required applications become more diverse, individual development cannot keep up, and it is important to ensure a balance between commonality.

We will contribute to society by realizing a balance between commonization and individual optimization for embedded systems as a whole, utilizing the four strengths we have acquired through our development for automotive systems. Akaria is the expression of this desire.

Akaria Processor Akaria Standard Processors: NS Family
Akaria Domain Specific Accelerator: DR Family
Akaria Solution Akaria MPC Solution
Akaria Security Solution: ReSA