ReSA (Revolutional Security Architecture)
Awaken of brand-new network security platform


Due to the expansion of cyber-physical systems, the number of Internet-based products is rapidly increasing.

By connecting products and services, you can build a more convenient system.
On the other hand, although it is convenient, there is a risk of attack via the network.


Exponential increase in network attacks on embedded devices.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the digital shift has progressed at once.
Many things are connected to the network, increasing the attack surface.
Embedded devices are no exception. Immediate action is required.


Security Essential for Network Connections of Embedded Devices.

With a platform that supports anti-DDoS*1  shielding functions, TLS 1.3*2 , and thoroughly implements functions into hardware, it is possible to provide a high-speed, low-consumption, safe and secure Internet connection environment.
*1:Distributed Denial of Service attack
*2:Transport Layer Security


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