Standard Processors + Extension Units = Domain Specific Accelerators

Akaria Processor offers a variety of 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-V CPUs as the base processor as Standard Processors. In addition, various components are available as Extension Units to expand processing functions, and by combining these components, an optimal processor can be configured for each application area. The processors configured by this combination will be deployed as the DR Family as Domain Specific Accelerators.

Extension Units include multi-core processors to improve task level parallelism, vector processors to improve data level parallelism, and AI accelerators to accelerate AI processing, enabling various extensions to meet market needs.

Domain Specific Accelerators are configured to achieve optimal effects by combining different granularities of parallelism or by combining components specialized for specific operations such as CNN, depending on the characteristics of the application.

We have a basic lineup of products, but we can also customize them to meet your needs.