Standard Processors + Extension Units = Domain Specific Accelerators

Standard Processors RISC-V based CPU that is the basis of Akaria Processor
Domain Specific Accelerators Accelerators optimally configured for each application by combining basic components

Standard Processors are the basic processors of Akaria Processor, RISC-V based CPUs available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Extension Units are components and technologies to solve various processing problems, such as task level parallelism by multi-core, data level parallelism by Vector Extension, and neural network performance improvement by AI Accelerator, etc. Domain Specific Accelerators are available as a combination of Standard Processors and Extension Units. Akaria Processor commercializes each of these to create a family of processors that can be deployed in a wide range of embedded systems. The Akaria Processor is a product line of processors that can be used in a wide range of embedded systems.