Aim to be a catalyst empowers to solve issues for customers and society

As the development of technologies such as IoT, AI, and 5G and their implementation in society accelerates, and the transition to a data-centric era progresses, the computing and semiconductors that support them are attracting more attention.

In addition, the importance of semiconductors became widely known, such as the movement toward positioning semiconductors as a last card for national strategy, and the semiconductor shortage becoming the main cause for supply stagnation of various products that affect our daily life.

We, NSITEXE, were established in 2017 aiming to provide processor IP that solves customer challenges and enhance the competitiveness of products and services in the embedded field, including in-vehicle applications.

In recent years, as needs in the business environment have become more complex and diversified and more speed is required, customers need to focus on their core business and technology. On the other hand, customers’ selection of semiconductors is becoming more difficult year by year due to the continuously increasing investment scale along with technological innovation and the concern for the stable supply.
Compared to the areas such as Servers, PCs, and Mobile devices, we believe that such difficulty in embedded field is particularly serious as its market size is relatively smaller than others.

Leveraging our advantages cultivated in automotive, we would like provide high performance and reliable IP which enables our customers to resolve their issues and realize sustainable business. As needs become more diversified and sophisticated, we would like to empower customers in the embedded field make use of their respective strengths to create the next society. Such thoughts are included in our purpose, “We unlock the potential of embedded solutions to build the next age of society”.

We sincerely face the challenges of our customers and society, join forces with our partners who share our aspirations, and continue to take on challenges to become the power of embedded solutions.

Yukihide Niimi