NSITEXE achieves world’s first RISC-V processor with vector extension certified for ISO 26262 ASIL D ready product

The DR1000C, a data flow processor (DFP) developed by NSITEXE, Inc. (headquartered in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan; President and CEO: Yukihide Niimi; hereinafter “NSITEXE”) has achieved ISO 26262 ASIL D Ready certification from SGS-TÜV. It is the world’s first ISO 26262 ASIL D ready certification for the RISC-V processor with vector extension.

The DR1000C is a parallel processor IP that is ideal for offloading high-load arithmetic processing (model predictive control, AI inference, sensor processing, etc.) required by automotive microcontroller targeted for safety critical systems. Up to 16 hardware threads efficiently utilize a vector processor, thereby achieving extremely high power performance. Not only is the DR1000C suitable for vehicle control, but it also can be used for various embedded applications such as industrial equipment for factory automation and RADAR and other sensor processing.

DR1000C Block Diagram

The DR1000C has integrated hardware safety features including error correction code (ECC) for memories, dual-core lockstep architecture, bus protocol violations detection, and an error management unit that injects errors for self-diagnosis, reports errors to the host system, and manages their statuses. These features enable this processor to meet ASIL D safety requirements without the need to add any external special safety mechanism. Two safety mechanisms (hardware checker and software test) are available for the main part of DR1000C – vector processing unit. User can chose these mechanisms according to the performance requirements of the application as well as the target ASIL. It makes DR1000C possible to support all kinds of use cases. ASIL D random hardware fault detection requirements can be met by hardware checker which has lockstep architecture. Furthermore, ASIL C requirements can be met by upcoming software test libraries. In the latter case, the computational power of the vector processing unit can be exploited to the fullest.

The ASIL D-compliant DR1000C-SDK (Software Development Kit) under development provides secure and accurate thread control as well as memory protection and temporal protection features. By utilizing these features and the ISO 26262-compliant tool chain, the user can focus on application development, potentially leading to a shorter development time. The thread control software included in the SDK has a variety of features necessary for a safety critical system, such as priority execution of real-time tasks and thread execution monitoring.

The DR1000C-HSK (Hardware Safety Kit) provides Failure Modes Effects and Diagnostics Analysis (FMEDA), a safety manual, safety case reports, and ISO 26262-related documentation. It reduces the amount of time required to analyze the functional safety of an automotive microcontroller as well as to achieve its certification. The DR1000C is developed based on the ISO 9001 quality management system and satisfies strict automotive quality requirements.

Mr. Takehiko Matsuo, SGS Japan Inc.
The DR1000C, a DFP from NSITEXE, has achieved the highest level ASIL D Ready certification from SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH through an ISO 26262 standard compliance assessment. The arrival of the era of autonomous driving has led to a rapid evolution of in-vehicle systems. Corresponding with functional safety is becoming increasingly important for these systems. The fact that the DR1000C has achieved ASIL D Ready certification means not only that the use of this processor IP supports the functional safety of the IP integrator but also that it contributes to the safety design of an entire automotive system.

Hideki Sugimoto, CTO, NSITEXE, Inc.
At NSITEXE, development efforts have been focused on three pillars – versatility, efficiency, and functional safety – with massive future trends in mind. The DR1000C implements these as an accelerator IP that meets the safety critical requirements for automotive microcontrollers and other devices. The processor has achieved certification from SGS-TÜV in terms of functional safety, which I think provides an additional sense of safety for customers. The DR1000C offers reliability not just for automotive applications but also for many embedded systems that require high levels of safety in fields such as factory automation and medical care.

Building on this effort for high functional safety as well as on our innovative processor technology, we support DX in the mobility, smart mobility and MaaS, thus contributing to changing the world in ways that enrich people’s lives.

NSITEXE is an IP vendor, established in 2017 as a spin-off from DENSO Corp., specializing in the development of advanced processors. The company develops RISC-V based processor IPs that support functional safety. Highly efficient, high-quality semiconductor IPs support a wide range of applications, contributing to the evolution of the next-generation semiconductor technology.
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