Secure-IC and NSITEXE extend strategic partnership to provide security solutions for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Cesson-Sévigné (France) and Tokyo (Japan) – June 15th, 2023 – NSITEXE and Secure-IC  announce today their extended partnership. NSITEXE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Denso Corporation that develops and sells high efficiency processor IP for embedded systems. Secure-IC is the rising leader, and the unique global provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects. The partnership consists of several major collaborations, including a best-in class Network Secure Subsystem for CPS comprising the first worldwide cybersecurity enhanced ASIL-D grade RISC-V core and a full integrated HSM (Hardware Security Module) to answer the strong challenges regarding security in automotive and industrial MCU applications.

Secure-IC has been for over a decade, securing the electronic industries, with its protection technologies, the SecuryzrTM iSE (integrated Secure Elements) and SecuryzrTM Security Silicon IPs. As SecuryzrTM is now also offered as an integrated Security Service Platform (iSSP), it comes with a complete security lifecycle management for devices in the field. That includes provisioning secure firmware and cryptographic keys, automated secure onboarding to any platform or multiple platforms simultaneously, and comprehensive security monitoring comprising firmware encryption, signing and secure updates over-the-air, and certificate and key renewal and revocation.

Existing OEM‘s key management systems can also be used, in which case Firmware can be provided.

NSITEXE and Secure-IC extend their partnership by offering the SecuryzrTM solution as part of the NSITEXE security framework called ReSA (Revolutional Security Architecture). These solutions will especially be important in the context of the Automotive industry, where security is becoming one of the key factors for adoption. With the combination of Secure-IC’s SecuryzrTM and NSITEXE’s versatile IP solutions, customers can improve network security of devices, by offloading the network tasks, securing the keys completely from the software, accelerate heavy workload and reduce CPU workload for encrypted communication. Furthermore, it enables its customers and partners to securely supply, deploy and manage a fleet of devices, as well as compliance to standards.

Globally with the advent of IoT, systems face numerous attacks coming from the network such as DDoS (Denial of Service) or locally through physical attacks. Such attack can allow to get malicious remote control and therefore put the whole system at risk. To solve these challenges, Secure-IC and NSITEXE extend their partnership to offer several critical solutions, from a Secure CPU to a whole Chip-to-Cloud solution:


Solution #1:
Integrated HSM for Automotive applications for Key Management, Cryptographic services, suited for all applications (V2X, ADAS, Gateway, Powertrain, etc.): SecuryzrTM.

Solution #2:
RISC-V Core by NSITEXE (NS31A) cybersecurity-enhanced by Secure-IC’s CyberEscort Unit supplying real-time detection of 0-day attacks. CyberEscort Unit allows a real-time detection of any Code Corruption or manipulation of the CPU Control Flow by escorting step by step the program execution and to raise a hardware alarm without latency in case of corruption. CyberEscort Unit fills the security gap between SW cybersecurity and HW embedded security. NS31A has been announced as the worldwide first CPU with ASIL D support according to ISO26262 safety standard for Automotive.

Solution #3:
A unique Network Security Subsystem for CPS, providing TLS 1.3/SSL,Deep Packet Inspection. It also allows a Root of Trust, secure boot, secure firmware update and accelerated cryptographic services.

“Through our popular solutions, we see that security is becoming crucial to all devices and connected services. Therefore, we have gathered all our security solutions under one umbrella called ReSA, where Secure-IC plays an important role with their superior security solutions”, said Yukihide Niimi, CEO of NSITEXE. “By partnering with Secure-IC, who has a strong history within embedded security solutions and a proven technology, we know we have the best security solution. In addition, they deliver great value, aligning well with our needs given its ability to be very scalable and flexible”.

Secure-IC is honored to partner with NSITEXE to address the key problems for Cyber-Physical System security space”, said Hassan Triqui, President & CEO of Secure-IC. Both companies hold strong synergies from technology portfolio, geographic coverage and corporate culture“.

This robust secure Network Secure Subsystem for CPS, will make life easier for customers while ensuring that their IoT deployments are both secure and scalable. The two companies will continue their collaboration on future solutions designed for secure communication for IoT products.


NSITEXE is an IP vendor, established in 2017 as a spin-off from DENSO Corp., specializing in the development of advanced processors. The company develops RISC-V based processor IPs that support functional safety. Highly efficient, high-quality semiconductor IPs support a wide range of applications, contributing to the evolution of the next-generation semiconductor technology.

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About Secure-IC
With presence and customers across 5 continents, Secure-IC is the rising leader and the only global provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for embedded systems and connected objects.

Driven by a unique approach called PESC (Protect, Evaluate, Service & Certify), Secure-IC positions itself as a partner to support its clients throughout and beyond the IC design process. Relying on innovation and research activities, Secure-IC provides Silicon-proven and cutting-edge protection technologies, integrated Secure Elements and security evaluation platforms to reach compliance with the highest level of certification for different markets (such as automotive, AIoT, defense, payments & transactions, memory & storage, server & cloud).

SecuryzrTM global product range for Automotive (called Securyzr TM. 700 Series) is adapted for ISO26262 and ISO21434 requirements (with certified products up to ASIL D) as well as to comply with security certification schemes in Automotive, such as Common Criteria EAL4+ PP0114 Car2Car (V2X).

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