Speaker session at Virtual Prototyping Day on January 20, 2021

Ryuei Washida, Solution Architect at NSITEXE has speaker session at Virtual Prototyping Day on January 20, 2021

Title: Virtual Prototyping Tool Chain for DFP (Data Flow Processor)

DFP provided by NSITEXE is a highly efficient MIMD (Multiple Instruction stream, Multiple Data stream) processor which features 4 multi-threaded scalar cores and a shared vector processing unit. To take full advantage of DFP capabilities, the target application needs to provide sufficient thread-level and data-level parallelism.
First, we will show our flow for early performance estimation with Platform Architect Ultra, analyzing the potential for vectorization and multi-threading in the application and its mapping to DFP Hardware resources.
The second part introduces our environment for early software development based on Virtualizer and ASIP Designer. This DFP virtual prototype enables application development, optimization and integration with the host CPU and peripherals.

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